"The Modern Booth provides guest with the most advanced technology in the market"

Photography courtesy of Iliana Suarez.


The Modern Booth Center Stage

The Modern Booth Center Stage


No matter where you place the modern booth, it will always compliment your event. The design is simple, yet stunning! 

Inside the Booth- Touch Screen


The software and Elo Touch- Screen make it a breeze to navigate. Complimenting the style and performance is a Canon T3i, guaranteeing the absolute best pictures in the market. The Modern Booth is equipped with the fastest printer in the market! Dry to the touch in under 7 Seconds!!

            Fun for everyone


Now you can email, upload to Facebook, and even send pic as an MMS/text. Share pictures instantly with friends and family. Great for wedding updates and even corporate events.  

A compact modern mini booth with endless possibilities!!!


The Mini Booth is perfect for outdoor night sessions. Please do not judge it for its size. The Mini Booth is well equipped and able to outperform. It uses a Canon T3i along with an Alien bees b600 Strobe to provide professional grade pictures. The strips are spat out in under 10 seconds thanks to the compact Sinfonia Cs2. All that's left is a creative background and your imagination.



Record your guest doing Crazy things in Slow-Motion


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